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Legal and litigation services in advertising and brand protection

A highly expert and noble team of professionals assists you on all your Advertising, Marketing and Brand Protection issues along with protecting your business from un-fair practices by your competitors. We help you in getting injunctions and stay orders against your competitors in crucial times as well as defending you from the Government actions.


for legal and Litigation In Advertising,
promotion And Marketing Including Brand Protection

We are excellent in courtroom victories along with tribunals and International Arbitrations. We protect your Intellectual properties such as Trademark, copyright, patent etc. from unfair and dishonest use and Registration by mischievous representation. 

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For Litigations in Advertising, Marketing and
Promotions.Best and Reputed Trademark Lawyers and Attorneys

At Baijoo Legal, all the Professional experts and attorneys of Brand protection and advertising group from all the locations collaborate with each other to provide you the most favourable results. We take appropriate care of Trademark Registrations, oppositions and counter statements, Trademark hearings, Copyright matters, Patent registrations and post registration hearings along with litigations.

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