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Annual Compliances for Companies and LLPs

Annual Compliances for Companies and LLPs have been made mandatory and strict adherence to the compliances are the requirement of the time, failing which there are strict penalties and disqualifications as per the provisions of Companies act 2013 which includes Payment of penalties and late fees along with disqualification of directors and designated partners. Failure in annual compliances have been recently penalized by the authorities in the terms of disqualifications of lakhs of directors which is done for at least 5 years where more than 3 lakh directors have been disqualified for five years. Disqualification of directors is done automatically as per the provisions of Companies Act 2013 where there have been very less revivals after interventions of the courts. In such a scenario, we take up annual compliances of companies and LLPs on a serious note and strictly adhere to the annual filing and ROC filing for the companies and LLPs in a timely manner. We keep a regular follow up with our clients and help them to file the annual returns of the companies and LLPs before the due dates.


for annual returns of Companies and LLPs

We have an excellent team of Chartered accountants and company secretaries for managing annual compliances and ROC filing for our clients. We effectively manage preparation of financial documents and audit of the companies and LLP and filing of the annual returns and ROC documents in a timely manner. Our team of professionals keep a regular track on different compliances of the companies and connect with our clients for timely filing of compliances which save our clients from unnecessary late fines and penalties along with punishments and undue proceedings.

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