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FSSAI Registration 2022 and FSSAI license 2022

Food Registration is applicable only for small food business operators having an annual turnover of less than Rs. 12 lakhs per annum while the Food license is required by the Food business operators having annual turnover of more than Rs. 12 Lakhs per annum. Food license is further bifurcated in to State food license and Central food license along with another bifurcation in to medium and large food business operators. A state food License may be for the medium food business operators or may be for a large food business operator while the central food license falls only in the category of large food business operators. Further a different category of food license is applicable for 100 % export-oriented units (EOUs)

Food License and food registration- Consultancy by the best experts

The complicated process of food license and food registration requires a genuine and honest advisory and consultancy by best professionals who guide you through the exact process of food registration or food license who help you to choose the appropriate and proper food license for your food business. It is commonly seen these days that the food business operators have mistakenly taken a food license of food registration which are not applicable to their food business.

Best consultants for proper food license

In order to help yourself from a wrong food license you must choose the best consultants who will guide you through the process of food license and food registration and help you in getting most proper and appropriate food license or food registration for your food business. At Baijoo Legal, we have a huge team of experienced food license consultants who provide you the best quality services of food license and food registration and help you in compliances of food license and food registration. Our professionals also help you in drafting and preparation of food recall plan for your food manufacturing or food processing business. It is also to be noted that Food Recall plan is required for food manufacturing industries or food processing units before applying food license. Food recall plan is also required by food repackaging and relabeling industries before applying food license.

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