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Counter statement to Trademark
opposition- Preparation of arguments, evidences and hearing

When an accepted and advertised trademark is opposed by any party, you are required to file counter statement against the opposition within two months of receipt of the opposition notice followed by filing of evidence in support of opposition by the opponent within two months of receipt of the notice of evidence. Thereafter the applicant is also required to file evidence in support of application after receipt of the notice of evidence and finally a hearing is fixed before the trademark officials and case is decided on merits.


For Counter Statement And Strong Arguments

We are the best Trademark attorneys and help you to draft a customized reply for the trademark objections.

We collect maximum information about your trademark along with the cited trademarks in the examination report along with any other objection of absolute grounds of refusal and draft a strong reply to the examination report which minimizes the chance of sending the Trademark application on hearing. We are also able to guide and consult you regarding any trademark application and its chances of acceptance by analyzing the case. We are the best place for all your trademark applications and objections who can provide you the best results in all your trademark matters.

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