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At Baijoo, we strive for quality legal solutions for business, start-ups and corporate along with Legal, compliance, Taxation and incorporation services. We are the most reliable experts in Intellectual properties, Trademark, Taxation and various compliances for the business houses and corporate.

Advertising and Brand Protection
Best Lawyers for best Results

A highly expert and noble team of professionals assists you on all your Advertising, Marketing and Brand Protection issues along with protecting your business from un-fair practices by your competitors. We help you in getting injunctions and stay orders against your competitors in crucial times as well as defending you from the Government actions.

Anti-Corruption Law & Practices
Legal advisory, Legal Consultancy and Litigation Services in Anti-corruption Law

A team of studious lawyers help you to fetch favourable results against the charges of Anti- corruption Law. We are a team of researchers and hard-working lawyers with a motive to win each and every case taken up by us. We are highly impressive in the courtrooms to get a preliminary or temporary relief in critical times and till the finality of Litigation.

Appeals and Arguments
Appeals in Tribunals, Hight courts and Hon’ble Supreme court of India

One of the most reputable appellate firms in the country. Our appeals attorneys have extensive experience in providing information and arguing high-stakes cases in Tribunals and in the Court of Appeals, the High Courts and the Supreme Court of India.
Our attorneys have extensive experience working and Victory record in the High Courts and the supreme court of India. We have researched, analysed, fought and won high-stakes appeals and cases in all kinds of proceedings in Court of appeals, The High Courts and The Supreme Court of India. We have multi-dimensional approach in appeal proceedings and expertise in getting interim and permanent relief in every matter.

Banking and finance
Legal and Litigation Services for Banks and Finance Companies

Our Banking and Finance Practice has been consistently among the top advisors to banks and financial companies and provide their most researched materials and innovative solutions. We specialize in research and analysis of global financial trends and devise and advise the best solutions along with best banking and financial products to our clients.
We specialize in enforcement, recovery and other proceedings and experts in banking and financial products, Capital market, Investment and fund management with a good track record of legal victories for banks and financial institutions.


Corporates, Institutions and Legal Matters

Our team of Corporate and commercial matters have an extraordinary expertise and experience in all kinds of legal matters, compliance issues, along with legal advisory in all governance and regulatory matters. We advise our client on intricate matters of management and governance along with operations, implementations and enforcements.

Criminal law and litigation
Criminal Law, Criminal appeals, bails and Criminal litigations

A separate team of enthusiastic experts of criminal Law and criminology help the clients in courtroom victories and saves them from conviction in most cases. We take the complicated cases and solve with significant legal aptitude. We are a team of researcher which turn the lost cases in favour of our clients.
We specialize in investigation and analysis of the cases along with collection of favourable evidences which in turn provides best results to our clients. Our team of learned counsels advise and guide or clients at each and every step of the case and save them from unnecessary proceedings and expenditures.

Dispute resolution and ADR
Arbitration, Conciliation, Mediation and settlement

Our Arbitration and conciliation practice group has a significant experience in Arbitration, conciliation, mediations, settlements and amicable settlements. We are experts in out of the court settlements and mediations between the parties with just and reasonable approach. We have high degree of counselling expertise which helps our clients in settling any kind of complicated disputes and intricated matters. Our Arbitration and conciliation group is expertise in settling all kinds of corporate, commercial, civil and intellectual properties matters including Trademarks and copyrights.

Employment and Labour issues
Employment and labour issues and legal implications

Our employment and labour practice group help you in all types of employment and labour issues and assist you to get the most favourable and positive results. We advise and consult on the laws of human resources and employment, Contracts and agreements related to Employment, Policies, procedures and disciplinary processes on Employment, and various other work-place related compliances along with disputes.

Healthcare and Life sciences
Litigation and Legal Services for Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Life sciences Industries

A separate and specialized team of health care management executives, lawyers, attorneys and professionals serve its client’s requirements of all corners with their sound knowledge and professional experience across India. Leveraging our deep understanding and experience, the Firm provides assistance services with the complete research and analysis of the matter and provides guidance and counselling to help the client. Our team of lawyers and professionals are also a specialized in drafting the documents for litigation, deep research and representation of the facts and grounds to protect the rights of client in the field of Healthcare and Life Sciences.

Information Technology, Software and E-commerce
Information Technology, Software and E-commerce – Legal Services and Litigations

A team of best Lawyers and professionals of Information Technology, Software and E-commerce help you in complicated legal issues of IT and software Industry and provide step-wise guidance and advisory in multidisciplinary and diverse requirements of IT, Software and E-commerce industry ranging from policy formulations, legal documentations, Compliances, contracts and representations in various forums and court of law along with data security, brand protection, copyright and other intellectual properties.

Intellectual Property Rights- Issues and solutions
Litigation and Legal services in Trademark, Copyright, Patent and Design

We have an extraordinary expert team of Intellectual property practitioners with proven expertise and sound knowledge of each and every aspect of Intellectual Properties. We have superb quality services for Trademark Registrations and Litigations, Copyright Registrations and related proceedings, Design Registration and protection along with Patent Registration and Litigations.

International Arbitrations
International Arbitration for Corporate, commercial and cross border disputes

Our Lawyers and Counsels with rich expertise of International Arbitrations and sound knowledge of international laws has represented various corporate and Institutions of multiple sectors in hundreds of international arbitrations and has good records of favourable arbitral awards for our clients.
With strong drafting and conveyancing skills added with research and analysis of the international law and precedents we tend to turn mostly all the cases in our favour. Our international legal team belonging from various disciplines works in an integrated and coordinated manner producing appropriate and most favourable legal Solutions for our clients.

Legal Analytics, Review, Conveyancing and documentation

Our legal analytics team comprise of advocates and attorneys belonging from various subjects and institutions and are able to analyse all the matters related to Science, Engineering, Information Technology, Software, Banking, Cross border matters and international Law and commercial matters including all kinds of corporate, commercial, industrial and institutional matters.

Litigations, Arguments and Legal Research
Litigation and Arguments in Civil, Criminal, Matrimonial and Corporate cases

We have separate teams of experienced and reputed legal professionals including senior advocates which is assisted by respective teams of Legal researchers on Legal research, drafting and preparation of cases and petitions along with arguments. At Baijoo, with a strong backbone of Drafting and legal research we tend to deliver court-room victories almost in every case.

Trademark Registration
Mind our Results and Quality. Not Prices.

A quality work of Trademark application after extensive analysis, investigation, home-work and drafting with inclusion of Arguments, evidences and other documents. Most of our Trademark applications are accepted without objection of the Trademark Department. We are only the most reliable service providers in the field of Trademark Registrations, oppositions and litigations where you get peace of mind after handing over your trademark works to us.

Reply to Examination Report
Discussion and arguments on merits. Not only on citations

Customized reply to the examination report plays a vital part in the acceptance of a trademark application. A general and formatted reply may send your application on hearing which may take years in acceptance of the trademark application. Mere a reply to the examination report and inclusion of judgements of the courts does not suffice the requirement of acceptance of the application. The merit of the case and trademark application is also required to be discussed extensively with all the cited provisions and marks in the examination report. Evidences and other documents in support of the Trademark application are also a mandatory part of reply to the examination report.

Trademark Opposition
Analysis, Ground work and Sincere Legal efforts

A well-founded version of statement and strong legal argument is the backbone of any Trademark opposition proceeding which saves the opposition proceeding from unnecessary refusals and expenditures. For successful opposition proceeding you require smart and hard- working trademark attorneys who keep all the points in consideration while drafting the notice of Trademark opposition along with statements and grounds of opposition. Any weak point may obviate the purpose of opposition proceedings and lead to refusals.

Trademark Counter Statement
Arguments, Disclosure of facts and Clarification on Legal grounds.

A reasonable, legal and well-founded reply with strong legal argument is the backbone of any written- statement, counter-statement or reply. There are three important elements of a counter statement or reply to any opposition. There should be preliminary submissions with objections of the applicant, para-wise reply and submissions and last one is prayer. It must be taken care that the matters on the record must not be denied but to be admitted to the extent of factum.

Trademark Renewal
Tracking and On-time Renewal

We manage all the Trademark Renewals of our clients on time and save unnecessary expenditures in surcharges of the Trademark renewal. Our sincere efforts are always for on-time renewals which save our clients from loss of a Registered Trademark.

Amendment in Trademark Application (TM-M)
Change of details in Registered Trademark

A group of highly experienced Trademark attorneys help you in the process of changes in the details of a registered Trademark or amendment for clerical errors in Trademark application. We are a team of excellent attorneys which are proficient in the process of
changes in the registered Trademark or correction of clerical errors in Trademark application and provide you the desired results.

Trademark Assignment
Assignment deed and Sale of Registered Trademark

Our expert legal team of Trademark consultants help our clients in drafting and preparation of legally strong and suitable deed of assignment of Trademark keeping in view all the legal aspects of the assignment. A proper and suitable assignment helps in timely completion of assignment process along with providing the assignee a strong legal document of title. We also help our clients in registration of assignment deed if required so by clients.

Trademark NOC /TM-C / Copyright NOC
Extensive Search and Quick TM-C

Our Trademark Attorneys guide, advise and help you through the process of getting Copyright NOC from the Trademark department in a quick and easy manner. Our expert team performs an extensive search in Trademark Register and helps you in selection of unique and distinctive designs and artistic works for your label, goods and services.

Cancellation or Registered Trademark
Rectification of Trademark Register

A team of best and reputed attorneys are available for support and protection of your mark or brand. No worries if you have missed opportunity of Trademark opposition when the Trademark was advertised. Our attorneys guide you through the process of cancellation of the Registered Trademark is similar or deceptively similar to your trademark or brand and having any possibility to cause confusion on the part of general public. You may apply for Trademark Rectification if you are a prior user of any Trademark and even if your Trademark is not registered.

Trademark Hearing Services
Strong Arguments, evidences and impressive presentation

A strong legal team of Trademark attorneys and Trademark consultants put their best efforts and helps you in getting the most favourable and positive results in Trademark Hearings. We draft and prepare best and strong arguments in favour of our clients before attending the hearings and put our hardest efforts to get favourable orders for our clients.

Trademark and Brand Protection
Vigilance, Surveillance and Tracking

We are a trusted name in the field of Trademark, design and brand protection services. We protect your Trademark, design, brand and associated goodwill by a regular track on the Trademark publication and vigilance on the market for any un-authorized application or use by any other person.

International Trademark Registration
Trademark Registration in India
Trademark Registration in other countries from India

A group of reputed and experienced international Trademark attorneys helps you International Trademark Registration, International Trademark protection and International Trademark oppositions along with international Arbitration and settlement in Trademark matters through their integrated and coordinated way of working across our offices.

Partnership Firm Registration
Services from reputed Lawyers and CAs

A team of most reliable and genuine professionals, business consultants, Lawyers and CAs help, support and guide you in Partnership business.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Registration
Premium Services with Best Chartered Accountants

A team of Industry’s best Lawyers and CAs for Services of Legal advisory and consultancy for LLP Registration, Compliances and complete care for legal issues along with management consultancy.

Pvt Ltd Company Registration
Best Lawyers and CAs for Private Limited Company

A team of Chartered accountants and Company Lawyers guide and consult you through all the processes of Private Limited Company along with all the compliances, management and legal consultancy including Trademarks, copyright and other legal issues.

LTD Company Registration
Best Legal Consultancy and Services of Chartered Accountants

A team of 1000+ professionals, Lawyers, CAs and business consultants across India with sound experience of Company matters and legal issues help and guide you in all the matters arising out in bigger forms of business.

Import Export Code
Best Consultants for Export and Import and Custom Clearance.

We are the best team for consultancy and advisory in Import Export businesses having a sound experience of Custom Clearances, Exporting matters with a team of CUSTOM BROKERS.

Psara License
Best PSARA License Consultants with reliable services

We have a team of PSARA experts with extensive experience through out the process of PSARA license and other requirement for PSARA license. Our team guide and help you through the Private Security Training from a Recognised Security Training Institute and MOU from a recognized Private security training institute for training of your Security staff.

Trust Registration
Drafting of Trust deed with best Lawyers and Registration

A team of expert lawyers in trust registration helps you in registering all kinds of trusts along with Registration of 12 A and 80 G from Income tax department. Our team drafts a trust deed with all the best suitable legal provisions which protects you from any legal issues in the operations of trust in future.

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