Baijoo Legal

We are specialist in Legal services and litigation

Baijoo Legal is a great place for best legal and litigation services where best lawyers put their hardest efforts to deliver the best possible legal outcomes for its clients. We advise and guide our clients with most genuine and appropriate legal solutions in favor with minimum cost implications and maximum benefits to our clients. We are a team of studious and hard-working researchers and advocates who tend to turn the most negative legal matters in to positive ones. We research and analyze each case with dedicated efforts and customize the best legal solutions for each case separately.

Our team consists of best Lawyers with great ethics and best attitude in legal working with an inherent quality of honest and genuine legal consultancy to our clients. Each one of our lawyers are imbibed with goodness and the best professional ethics. Our legal associates, paralegals and law clerks are well educated and professionally managed to deliver dedicated and customized services to our clients. Our team has an integrated and coordinated approach from of our office locations for delivery of quality services at all the locations of services.

Our Strengths

We have an integrated team of 1800+ Lawyers highly experienced in Laws of corporate, civil laws, criminal laws, Laws of torts and various other legal systems along with professionals including Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Trademark Attorneys, Patent Attorneys, Copyright Lawyers and various other finance professional for delivery of best quality legal services to our clients. A team of more than 2000 law researchers, paralegals and law clerks associate their respective team with their dedicated and hardest efforts for delivering the best legal solutions for our clients.

Litigation in all districts of India, High Courts and Supreme Court of India

We represent our clients in all districts of India along with litigation and appeals in all the High Courts and Supreme court of India. We have associated best lawyers from their respective practice areas in all the locations through a stringent process of verification and association for maintaining uniform and quality legal services at all locations. We have a centralized drafting and research team who assists the lawyers on each location for Legal research, drafting, preparation of arguments and various other legal processes.

Currently we are serving in all the District Courts, all the Tribunals, High Courts and the Supreme Court of India with a team of top professionals which include Industry’s best Lawyers, Chartered accountants, Company Secretaries and Tax and Finance professionals.

Our team

Our team consists of Industry’s best Lawyers, Attorneys, CAs, Company Secretaries and Finance and Tax Professionals coordinated and assisted by researchers, associates and law clerks belonging from diverse sectors helping our clients from diverse sectors. To provide an elaborate coverage and specialized services we have tried hard to associate specialists of multiple subjects and experts of diverse sector to add our legal services with specialization in all industry and subject matters.  All the professionals in our team are among the best people in their Trade which provides you the best possible and most favorable results. We are best in research and analysis and enjoy challenges and resolving the complicated issues of business and law.

Our Goal

We aim to provide best and genuine legal services and consultancy to our clients with pure and selfless motive of favoring our clients in all situations and circumstances which minimizes the costs and expenditures on un-necessary legal proceedings and time of our clients. We believe in out of the court resolutions and prioritize mediations and amicus curie by our research and analysis of the situations and find the best way to tackle each legal issues and try to resolve the issues without moving in to litigations in all matters. Thus, our goal is to provide our clients a true and genuine legal advisory and to save the time and costs of our clients in unnecessary litigations and court proceedings.

Our Mission

We are aiming to be among the top 100 largest and reputed Law firms of the world where India has not yet got a place. We are working hard to serve our clients in the best manner to earn reputation and develop our strengths to be a firm of international repute. Our target is to add Lawyers and attorneys from at least five countries in our team and establish our branches in USA, UK, Japan, France and Italy along with service delivery in next five years.