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Legal and Litigation Services in Advertising and Brand Protection 2024

A highly expert and noble team of professionals assists you on all your Advertising, Marketing and Brand Protection issues along with protecting your business from un-fair practices by your competitors. We help you in getting injunctions and stay orders against your competitors in crucial times as well as defending you from the Government actions.

Great place for Legal and Litigation in Advertising, Promotion and Marketing including Brand Protection 2024

We are excellent in courtroom victories along with tribunals and International Arbitrations. We protect your Intellectual properties such as Trademark, copyright, patent etc. from unfair and dishonest use and Registration by mischievous representation.

Industry’s best lawyers for Litigations in Advertising, Marketing and Promotions. Best and Reputed Trademark Lawyers and Attorneys 2024

At Baijoo Legal, all the Professional experts and attorneys of Brand protection and advertising group from all the locations collaborate with each other to provide you the most favourable results. We take appropriate care of Trademark Registrations, oppositions and counter statements, Trademark hearings, Copyright matters, Patent registrations and post registration hearings along with litigations.

Copyright litigation and conciliation 2024

Copyright Objections, Hearing and Litigation Services of Copyright 2024

Our team of copyright lawyers have worked on some of the best cases of copyright matters along with Registration of Copyright, Copyright objection along with Copyright certificates from Trademark Department.

Best Lawyers and attorneys for Copyright matters, Effective Litigation and objection of Copyright matters along-with Copyright Registrations 2024

Effective consultancy and strategic adherence towards the Copyright matters of our client makes us the most reliable Copyright attorneys. We are very efficient in addressing all copyrights issues, objections and litigations along with Trademark, Internet and social media.

Best Consultancy and advisory for Copyright 2024

We have a highly qualified and responsive team of attorneys, comprised of young and experienced attorneys who have special expertise in their respective fields of law. We place a premium on identifying the client's issues and requirements down from the smallest to the largest one.

Intellectual Property Rights- Issues and solutions 2024

Litigation and Legal services in Trademark, Copyright, Patent and Design 2024

We have an extraordinary expert team of Intellectual property practitioners with proven expertise and sound knowledge of each and every aspect of Intellectual Properties. We have superb quality services for Trademark Registrations and Litigations, Copyright Registrations and related proceedings, Design Registration and protection along with Patent Registration and Litigations.

Speciality Services of Trademark Registration, Litigation and Protection 2024

A separate team of 150+ top Trademark professionals assist you with all kinds of issues in your Trademark and Brand protection. We have an expert team of Trademark Registration and related proceedings including protection of your Trademark and brand from dishonest use and infringement. We keep a regular vigil on Trademark Journals and intimate and update about infringing marks regularly to our clients. We are efficiently able to stop registration of infringing marks through opposition proceedings and even rectify the Registered mark from the Trademark register through Rectification proceedings. Our Trademark attorneys have a good track record of litigation and court room victory in Trademark matters.  Our rich experience in International Arbitrations and litigations in Trademark matters provides you an extra shield from any such contingencies arising out from international opponents. Some of well-known marks and brands have entrusted their faith in us and we have displayed our abilities in protecting and defending their marks.

Proficiency in Copyright Registration, Litigation and Protection 2024

At Baijoo, our proficiency and expertise in Copyright Registration and proceedings along with rich experience of all copyright matters helps your copyright matters in a great way to manage, protect, register and defend all your copyright assets. Our Copyright attorneys helps you to get quick registration of copyright including getting Copyright Certificate from Trademark department (TM-C) / Trademark NOC / Search Certificate. Our Copyright lawyers help protect your copyright by regular vigil on copyright applications, misuse and piracy and take appropriate actions of Copyright objections and litigation proceedings if required.

Design and Patent Registration, Litigation and Protection 2024

Our Patent and design attorneys with rich analytical skills and sound knowledge and experience of Design and patent help you to register, protect and defend all of your design and patent assets through strong drafting and filing of application, keeping regular track on the applications, continuous vigil on other applications and dishonest usage by timely and appropriate actions of objections and litigation proceedings in multidisciplinary and diverse subjects and titles.

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