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PSARA License 2024 with detailed process

PSARA is a licence that allows private security and housekeeping firms to operate legally. The purpose of the PSARA licence is to regulate private security and housekeeping agencies in order to protect the interests of principal employers that hire personnel and manpower from private security and housekeeping companies. Before granting a PSARA licence under Private Security Agency Regulation Act of 2005, generally known as PSARA, requires private security agencies to comply with security and training requirements. The credentials of the promoters or proprietors of such agencies are checked by police verification. Before applying for a PSARA licence, the Promotor or proprietor must complete security training and create a training plan for the security and cleaning employees. Before applying for a PSARA licence, you must have a Security Training Certificate from a recognised Security training institute or a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a recognised Security training institute for the training of security and housekeeping staff.

PSARA License with best consultants in three clicks 2024

We have a separate team of expert PSARA license consultants having a sound experience and knowledge of all aspects of PSARA license who help their clients in all the processes and requirements in obtaining PSARA license. Our consultants also help you in preparing all the required documentations along with obtaining security training certificate of the management and MOU for security training from the best and recognised security training institutes.

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