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Arbitration, Conciliation, Mediation and settlement 2024

Our Arbitration and conciliation practice group has a significant experience in Arbitration, conciliation, mediations, settlements and amicable settlements. We are experts in out of the court settlements and mediations between the parties with just and reasonable approach. We have high degree of counselling expertise which helps our clients in settling any kind of complicated disputes and intricated matters. Our Arbitration and conciliation group is expertise in settling all kinds of corporate, commercial, civil and intellectual properties matters including Trademarks and copyrights.

Alternative dispute resolution and Out of the court settlements 2024

Our ADR practice group is comprised of very just and reasonable experts having completely impartial approach in settling any kind of dispute with impartiality. We are experts of bringing and reaching to a point where the parties to the disputes finds a reasonable settlement with complete satisfaction. Our ADR practice group is expertise in settling all kinds of corporate, commercial, civil and intellectual properties matters including Trademarks and copyrights. We always fetch a satisfactory and reasonable results for our clients in every matter.

Baijoo legal has got immense reputation and goodwill in Arbitration and conciliation including alternative dispute resolution and is known for its most expertise and impartial ways of settling disputes. Baijoo legal provides the best experts and environment for settlement of disputes along with a good space for meetings, discussions and agreeable conversations. We help our clients to understand the vital and intricate matters of legal outcomes and help them to decide and opt for out of the court settlements which are always just, reasonable, time-saving and economic in the terms of expenditures. 

We have customized approach in each and every matter and help the clients understand all the subtleties of the concerned matter and reach to agreeable and reasonable point.

Legal Experts for Arbitration, Conciliation and ADR 2024

Baijoo legal provides situation-based interventions, intercession and pacifications whichever suits the client’s requirement where complete goal is to save time, expenditure and save the relationship with the concerned parties which is always the best for parties in dispute. Our team of attorneys is comprised of generalists and specialists who handle complex cases in an assorted manner. Our legal experts help you in drafting Settlement provisions and aid you in detailing extensive goal components over a wide scope of business arrangements traversing an expansive range of business areas and ventures.

International Arbitrations 2024

International Arbitration for Corporate, commercial and cross border disputes 2024

Our Lawyers and Counsels with rich expertise of International Arbitrations and sound knowledge of international laws has represented various corporate and Institutions of multiple sectors in hundreds of international arbitrations and has good records of favourable arbitral awards for our clients.

With strong drafting and conveyancing skills added with research and analysis of the international law and precedents we tend to turn mostly all the cases in our favour. Our international legal team belonging from various disciplines works in an integrated and coordinated manner producing appropriate and most favourable legal Solutions for our clients.

International Arbitration for Trademarks and Intellectual Properties 2024

We have represented many reputed clients in international arbitration for their Trademark matters and intellectual property disputes and provided them with arbitral victories. Many recognised business houses and institutions have entrusted their faith in us and we have provided them with most favourable legal solutions in India, Middle east and other Countries.

Domain disputes and International Arbitration in UDRP, WIPO 2024

We have worked for well known and reputed clients for their issues in domain and domain squatting and attended International Arbitration in UDRP, WIPO and provided them favourable solutions. We have done a great job in efficient settlement of international disputes on domains and websites and protected the business of our clients in a much economic manner. Our smart and studious team of domain disputes and Trademark related matters across our offices coordinate with each other to deliver best outcomes for our clients.

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