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Counter statement to Trademark opposition 2024- Preparation of arguments, evidences and hearing 2024

When an accepted and advertised trademark is opposed by any party, you are required to file counter statement against the opposition within two months of receipt of the opposition notice followed by filing of evidence in support of opposition by the opponent within two months of receipt of the notice of evidence. Thereafter the applicant is also required to file evidence in support of application after receipt of the notice of evidence and finally a hearing is fixed before the trademark officials and case is decided on merits.

Best Trademark Lawyers for Counter statement and strong arguments 2024

We are the best team of Trademark lawyers and Trademark attorneys highly skilled in trademark opposition processed who help you in preparation of strong legal grounds and arguments in support of your application and representing your case before the trademark officials. Our research and analysis team investigate every case with precision and discover strong grounds in support of your case. We also help and advise you the necessary proceeding on an opposed trademark and determining whether to proceed with the counter statement or not. We track and manage cases of opposition very carefully and make necessary efforts to counter the opposition on right time.

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