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Trademark Renewal Filing 2024, Renewal Tracking and protection 2024

A Registered Trademark is valid for 10 years from the date of Trademark application or from the date of effective renewal validity. Thus, a Trademark renewal application is required to be filed before validity of Trademark registration. If renewal is not filed within the validity of registration of trademark, an extended window is available to the registered proprietor to file the renewal application within one year of expiry of registration along with the government fee and surcharge for late filing of Trademark Renewal application

Trademark Renewal filing within time 2024

Thus, to save unnecessary expenditure and loss of the goodwill of an old and established trademark or brand, a serious and prompt services of trademark renewal is required. It is commonly seen that a Registered proprietor loses his trademark only due to information and reminder.

We are technically and legally sound in tracking, management and reminder of Trademark renewals and help our clients in effective Trademark renewal within the validity of Trademark Registration.

Best Trademark attorneys for Trademark Renewal 2024

At Baijoo Legal, you find the best team of technically advances trademark attorneys who efficiently manage all your requirements of Trademark renewal within the validity of Trademark Registration and protect you from unnecessary expenditures of Late surcharge and loss of goodwill attached to a Registered Trademark. We efficiently track and manage Trademark renewals by continuously informing our clients about their Trademark due for renewal.

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