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Copyright Registration 2024, Copyright objections 2024 and hearing for copyright 2024

Our enthusiastic and dedicated copyright team consists of reputed copyright Lawyers and experts of Copyright matters and Intellectual property consultants who help you to get desired results for your copyright matters. Our Copyright lawyers and attorneys belong to a fraternity of smart, ethical and hard-working lawyers who deliver most positive and favorable results for our clients. We have served many of the reputed authors, publishers and business houses in the matters of copyright Registrations, design copyright, copyright of labels, copyright objections and hearings. We have an excellent track record in obtaining Copyright NOC from Trademark department and getting Copyright registration of label in an efficient manner. 

Copyright of Artistic and Literary works V/s Copyright of labels 2024

Application for Copyright registration of Artistic and literary works are filed directly with the details of owner, author, publisher, origin, Language and priority details of the work while the application for Copyright registration of a label for commercial purposes or label for goods and services requires a mandatory Trademark NOC / Copyright NOC / TM-C / Search certificate from Trademark department. We help our clients in obtaining Trademark NOC / Copyright NOC / TM-C / Search certificate from Trademark department in easy and efficient manner.

Copyright Objections and hearing for Copyright 2024

We keep a regular track on copyright applications on a regular basis and also inform our clients about any kind of infringement or violation of our client’s copyrights. We help our clients in protection of their copyrights and labels by objection notices of copyright, Filing of objection on copyright application and hearing in the copyright applications before the copyright authorities. We have a strong legal team of copyright Lawyers and researchers who help our clients in getting the most favorable and desired results.

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