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International Trademark Registration Process 2024 with best Trademark attorneys 2024

Our International Trademark practice not only helps you in registration of your trademark in foreign countries but also helps you in Litigation, arbitration and settlement with international entities. We are best known for our opinions and the best backbone of legal arguments which always provides you a win-win situation.

Our Trademark practices are available in almost 110 countries across the globe with all the matters of Trademark and related issues along with International Arbitrations and litigations along with settlement of cross border disputes. We also track, trace and find the international passing off and infringement of our client’s Trademark.

International Trademark application in India from other countries 2024

We help our international clients to file the application of Registration of Trademark in India with all the processes of Trademarks including, oppositions, protections and litigations. We have a strong team of Trademark attorneys supported with technology of tracking and tracing which help you register the trademarks of foreign clients in India including overall protection from passing off, infringement and all other legal issues. 

International Trademark application in other countries from India 2024

We help our Indian clients in filing an International Trademark registration by performing a proper global search of the availability of the trademark in other countries along with filing strong reply in case of objections raised in Trademark application. We are proficient in all the matters of trademark having international issues and disputes and have a good track record in international arbitration and cross border disputes in trademark matters.

We have a special team in Trademark- domain name violations and complaint and arbitration proceedings in WIPO and UDRP.

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