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GST Registration 2024 and compliances

GST registration is one of the minimum requirements of any business whose income exceeds over Rs. 40 Lakh per annum. GST registration is the only key of identification or certification for proprietorship firms as there is no provision of registration of proprietorship firms apart from registration under shops and establishment act. The proprietorship firms mostly require GST registration for opening current account in the bank in the name of their trade or to start their business on e-commerce portals. GST registration now a days has been stricter and more difficult where the GST registration certificate is issued after a strict scrutiny by the GST department.

Best Chartered accountants and consultants for GST registration and GST filing  2024

We at Baijoo Legal, help and advice our clients for proper GST registration depending on their requirements. We even suggest our clients whether they require GST registration or not and guide them for other alternatives when they do not require GST registration. Our genuine and honest tax attorneys are well known for their genuine and impartial advisory in GST registration and compliances. Our dedicated team help you to file your monthly and quarterly GST returns on time and save your money from un-necessary expenditures on late fees and penalties. Our team frequently reminds you for submission of GST returns for timely and prompt compliances of GST.

Free GST filing for 6 months on GST Registration 2024  

We provide free GST filing for six months on GST registration through us.

Hearing and representation in GST department for GST issues 2024  

We represent our clients in GST department and GST officials in case of GST notices to our clients. We strongly represent our clients for clarification on GST issues and conflicts with GST department.

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