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Corporates, Institutions and Legal Matters 2024

Our team of Corporate and commercial matters have an extraordinary expertise and experience in all kinds of legal matters, compliance issues, along with legal advisory in all governance and regulatory matters. We advise our client on intricate matters of management and governance along with operations, implementations, enforcements and Compliances on regular basis.

Legal Advisory for Start-ups 2024 & Legal Consultancy for New Companies and Firms 2024

Our team is very helpful for enthusiastic start-ups and beginners in their every need of legal, business and compliances. We help start-ups and beginners right from the formulation of the business strategies, defining policies, deciding the procedural terms along with complete operations, management and governance matters.

Our expert legal group helps the directors and management to define, formulate, design, determine and decide on complex issues and intricate matters which results in most favourable outcomes for the clients and organizations.

Advisory and consultancy for Corporates and Institutions 2024

We also assist our clients on public and private mergers and acquisitions, disposals, demergers, partnerships, corporate governance, and regulatory compliance with an emphasis on complicated cross-border transactions. Our team is experts in competition law, finance and capital management, insurance, private equity and public policy.

With professional experience across all industries and relevant regulatory regimes, we advise on all types of commercial contracts and arrangements to assist our customers day-to-day and strategic commercial operations.

Employment and Labour issues 2024

Employment and labour issues and legal implications 2024

Our employment and labour practice group help you in all types of employment and labour issues and assist you to get the most favourable and positive results. We advise and consult on the laws of human resources and employment, Contracts and agreements related to Employment, Policies, procedures and disciplinary processes on Employment, and various other work-place related compliances along with disputes.

Employment, contracts and other documents 2024

With a sound legal knowledge and experience, our team has strong drafting and conveyancing skills which provides our clients an extra-legal strength against any unforeseen circumstances of legal issues and disputes related to employments, contracts and legal disputes. 

Appeals & Arguments 2024

Advisory in Appeals and Arguments 2024

Our advisory and consultancy in high stake appeals and arguments always results in most desired results with minimised risks. We have helped and supported diverse segment of clients in Civil matters, Corporate and company Law, Taxation and Intellectual properties including every appeal matters. A team of studious lawyers help you to fetch favourable results against the charges of Anti-corruption Law. We are a team of researchers and hard-working lawyers with a motive to win each and every case taken up by us.

Anti-Corruption Law 2024

Legal advisory and Legal Consultancy in Anti-corruption Law 2024

At Baijoo Legal, a team of studious lawyers help you to fetch favourable results against the charges of Anti-corruption Law. We are a team of researchers and hard-working lawyers with a motive to win each and every case taken up by us. We are highly impressive in the courtrooms to get a preliminary or temporary relief in critical times and till the finality of Litigation.

Litigations, Arguments and Legal Research 2024

Litigation and Arguments in Civil, Criminal, Matrimonial and Corporate cases 2024

We have separate teams of experienced and reputed legal professionals including senior advocates which is assisted by respective teams of Legal researchers on Legal research, drafting and preparation of cases and petitions along with arguments.

Litigation, arguments and research in criminal cases 2024

At Baijoo, a superb and dedicated team of civil Lawyers assist you while moving for a petition or appeal and guide and advise you the best option to solve the issue. A team of best Lawyers and professionals of Information Technology, Software and E-commerce help you in complicated legal issues of IT and software Industry and provide step-wise guidance and advisory in multidisciplinary and diverse requirements of IT, Software and E-commerce industry ranging from policy formulations, legal documentations, Compliances, contracts and representations in various forums and court of law along with data security, brand protection, copyright and other intellectual properties..

Civil Cases, Arguments and Civil Appeals 2024

At Baijoo, a team of Lawyers including Senior advocates at multiple locations guide and advise you related to all kinds of Civil matters, torts and other legal issues of civil nature. Our Lawyers and senior advocates are assisted by a team of best legal researchers of Civil matters which provides our clients most favourable and desired results in any kind of legal issues pertaining to Civil, Tort and other matters of civil nature.

Corporate Lawyers and senior advocates for corporate matters 2024

A strong team of corporate lawyers with extensive experience in corporate law and company matters help our clients in all kinds of corporate matters, Litigation, Appeals and Arbitration. Our Corporate practice team include Trademark attorneys and specialists of Intellectual property rights which provide our clients all kinds of legal support arising out in corporate, institutions and companies. We have a good record of favourable legal solution in NCLT, Tax Tribunals, IPAB, High courts and Supreme courts. We deliver best results in Intellectual property matters including Trademarks in various District Courts, High Courts and Supreme Court of India including International Arbitrations.

Lawyers for Matrimonial disputes and domestic matters 2024

Our Matrimonial practice team consists of great lawyers with an ethics who try to solve the matrimonial disputes mostly out of the court by counselling the parties and mediations. Our great convincing skills and persuasive actions always provide our clients a best place for resolution of all kinds of matrimonial and domestic disputes.

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