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Trademark Opposition 2024-Arguments, evidences and hearing

Not mere an opposition but a fair and reasonable opposition leads to meet the goals of opposition. The process of trademark opposition requires valid and reasonable grounds of interests of the opponent in an accepted and advertised Trademark. The trademark opposition based on hypothetical and imaginary grounds always fails and leads to un-necessary expenditures of the opponents. Thus, a fair and reasonable advice and consultancy is required before determination and decision of initiating opposition proceedings. For a reasonable opposition it is necessary that the opponent has reasonable interest in the advertised mark or the advertised mark is capable of infringing upon or creating confusion or any association with the mark of the opponent. It is commonly seen these days in most of the opposition proceedings that contain weaker and un-reasonable grounds of opposition which is not much sustainable on legal grounds.   

Best Trademark attorneys for Trademark opposition proceedings  2024

Our Trademark opposition and litigation team consists of skilled, experienced and ethical Lawyers and trademark attorneys which help our client in deciding and determining the right opposition proceedings and save un-necessary expenditures on oppositions. We track and find the Trademark journals regularly for any matching advertised trademarks to our clients and suggest only the right opposition proceedings which is sustainable and strong on legal grounds

Trademark opposition on Strong grounds 2024

Our Trademark practice are highly experienced in drafting of opposition notice along with all the processes of trademark opposition and always delivers the best results in every opposition proceeding. We have a good track record in victorious opposition proceedings and reasonable and fair oppositions. We seriously pursue each case and perform a details research and analysis on each case before initiating the trademark opposition proceedings.

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