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Trust Registration 2024

A trust is created by the settlor over the trustee with the objective of benefits any private persons or for the public. Thus, a trust when created for private persons it becomes a private trust and when created for the benefit of public, it becomes a public trust.

Our expert lawyers help and guide our clients in all the processes of trust registration along with preparation of all related documents and constitution of trust.

Trust deed- Constitution of Trust 2024

Trust deed or the constitution of trust is the most important instrument which contains the details of name of the trust, names of the Settlor and trustee, objectives of the trust and all other rules, bylaws and policies for operation, management and governance of the trust. Our expert attorneys help our clients in drafting and preparation of a proper and customized trust deed in accordance with the requirements and objective of the trust and support in obtaining the registration of trust in an easy and quick manner.

Compliances by trust 2024

A trust has to comply with the provisions of the Trusts act along with other tax and mandatory compliances of Tax registrations, audits, EPF and ESI filings. Our tax attorneys and chartered accountants efficiently help our clients in timely filing of compliances along with proper tax filings, audits, EPF and ESI filings.

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