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Trademark and brand Protection Services 2024

Once you have won the battle of branding and advertisement and have established the reputation and goodwill for your trademark or brand, it requires a regular and continuous protection from passing off, infringement and registration of other similar mark which are capable of infringing or creating association with your mark. Thus, for protection of a trademark or brand, a sincere and regular vigilance of market, new launches and trademark journals is required. You need to keep update of any infringement of your goodwill along with new launches of products or services and even the trademark journals where the applications of new trademark registrations are advertised.

Tracking and tracing of infringing trademarks and brands 2024  

We have a professionally and technically managed team who are capable of finding any kind of infringement on your trademark or even tracking the weekly trademark journal for any such advertisement of newly applied trademark which is capable of infringement or creating an association to your trademark.

Legal proceedings on infringements and passing off the trademark 2024

We are highly experienced in managing passing off and infringement upon your mark by other persons or entities and initiate immediate legal actions against such persons and entities. Our actions against passing off and infringement includes opposition proceedings upon the advertised trademark, Legal notices and litigation upon not applied trademarks and Rectification (Cancellation proceedings upon a registered Trademark.

Strong legal actions against passing off and infringement for Trademark Protection 2024

Our strong legal team guide and advise you at every step where ever your trademark is under a threat of passing off or infringement including dilution of goodwill by association of similar or deceptively similar marks. Our timely actions added with strict legal process deter all kinds of infringement issues, passing off or association mostly in a single strike against such unscrupulous people or entities.

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