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Design Registration 2024, Design patent 2024

Design Registration or design patent is registered for the design of products and protects the unique, different and developed designs of the Registered user. Design or design patent is registered for shape of goods and not the size of goods. Design registration is a technical process where the Registration of designs is applied with technical description of designs and filed with required documents to avoid objections.

Best attorneys for design Registration and design patent 2024

We are a team of proficient and experienced attorneys highly skilled in design registration process. Our team help our clients in effective design Registration in a short time. We have provided our best services in many design registrations of our high-profile clients.

Design description in Design application 2024

We help our clients in drafting proper design description before applying for design registration or design patent and also help in complete design registration filing process which results in design registration for our clients in a very short time.

Design Protection and design patent protection services 2024

Our vigilante team of expert keep a track on the market for new products and new launches and immediately take steps in stopping the passing off and infringement of designs for our clients. We initiate appropriate legal action against any kind of passing off and infringement of the design of our clients and protect their designs from dilution of reputation and goodwill associated with the designs of our clients.

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