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Application for Cancellation of Trademark 2024

Application for Cancellation of Trademark is called Rectification

A Registered trademark can be cancelled by the process of rectification of trademark. An application for rectification of trademark is made before the registrar of Trademarks with valid grounds of rectification in for TM-O along with applicable government fee. After application of rectification, the registered proprietor is given an opportunity to file his response within two months of receipt of the rectification notice in form TM-O only with applicable government fee. Thereafter evidence is required to be filed in support of rectification by the person who has applied for rectification. After filing of evidence in support of rectification, the registered proprietor is required to file evidence in support of his application and finally a hearing is fixed before the trademark officer and the case is decided on merits.

 Best Trademark Attorneys for Trademark Cancellation 2024

Trademark cancellation is required to filed with strong legal grounds with customized and reasonable grounds. The Trademark Rectification process takes a long time for final decision and to be done with precision. Thus, expertise and skills of the Trademark attorney is a bigger factor when you are going for a Trademark Rectification.

We at Baijoo Legal help you with our expertise and skills in filing a trademark rectification along with helping you against trademark rectification filed on your registered Trademark. We are a highly skilled team in drafting and preparation of Trademark Rectification notice in a customized way and with strong grounds which always meets your desired results. We are the best team in preparation of arguments after analysis and research of the case. We are proficient in countering a rectification application on your registered trademark very efficiently along with all the processes of trademark registration, trademark opposition, trademark renewal and trademark assignment. We are the best team for disputes settlement of trademark settlements and international arbitration on trademark and domain disputes.

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