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Legal Services and Litigations in
Domains, Cyber security, Data and privacy

Our specialized and combined team of Cyber Security, information technology and Intellectual property laws helps you to Protect your Domain, website and Trademark from Infringement, piracy and frauds. We help in getting positive and favourable awards for domains infringing any of your trademark from UDRP, WIPO.


And Resolutions under UDRP

We are the best and most experienced attorneys in international arbitrations related to Trademark, Domains, commercial and cross border disputes. We help you to procure similar domains matching your trademark and the domains dishonestly registered by others and capable of infringing upon your Trademark.

Baijoo is a true and honest firm, with nearly 1000 lawyers spread all over in India. The firm is well-known for its privacy work and high-profile pro bono issues. Baijoo has down-to-earth Lawyers who all have strong desire, talent and full of experience.


Data Security and privacy

At Baijoo, experts and counsels from cyber security, data and team concentrates on the evolving business, technology and legal issues related to security and privacy of data. We are highly skilled in Investigation, crises response and data leak situations, litigation, counselling, etc. in which we represent our clients help them from the challenges of Cyber Security & Data Security and privacy on pan India basis.
Our cyber security team can provide you with guidance on the full range of cyber solutions to help your company keep up with significant legal and regulatory changes.Our experts help businesses protect themselves both before and after a data attack. To ensure the security of our clients’ data, we assist in the development or enhancement of data privacy procedures and incident response strategies. Our goal is to always reduce the risk of a data breach for our clients and to put them in the best possible position to respond if one occurs. We provide timely and comprehensive incident response in the case of damage.

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