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Litigation and Legal Services for
Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Life sciences Industries

At Baijoo, a separate and specialized team of health care management executives, lawyers, attorneys and professionals serve its client’s requirements of all corners with their sound knowledge and professional experience across India. Leveraging our deep understanding and experience, the Firm provides assistance services with the complete research and analysis of the matter and provides guidance and counselling to help the client. Our team of lawyers and professionals are also a specialized in drafting the documents for litigation, deep research and representation of the facts and grounds to protect the rights of client in the field of Healthcare and Life Sciences.

Our Legal team consisting of reputed experts of healthcare and pharmaceutical industries provide the industry owners deep sectorial knowledge, legal expertise, and commercial and government insight to address client needs. Our lawyers have immense institutional knowledge and extensive experience of counselling clients in the Healthcare industry especially pharmaceutical, medicinal and therapeutic.


Experts in all the cities and Districts of India

With a strength of 1000+ lawyers, professionals and experts, our services are available for Healthcare, Life sciences and pharmaceutical industries in every corner of India. Our clients count on us for our prompt, priority and quality services on all management decisions, policy formulation and business transactions related to Healthcare, Life Sciences and pharmaceutical sector.


for Healthcare, Lifesciences and Pharmaceutical Industries

Our team of experts comprising of professionals from various disciplines is able to handle all kinds of complicated and intricated matters of healthcare and pharmaceutical industries ranging from Legal service, Litigation, Management, Marketing and promotions including Trademark copyright and patent issues.

Our team of researchers helps and co-ordinate with each other for devising solutions to all kinds of complicated and intricated matters along with settlement, negotiations and departmental issues.

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